Challenge: Volvo has a long history of making cars that balance luxury with safety and practicality. In recent years, it seemed practicality had taken center stage. New ownership aimed to challenge the luxury sector and reestablish Volvo as a leader with an $11 billion investment and a global marketing push. 
Our Solution: Be aspirational without preaching. We designed an elegant look befitting a luxury leader and drew a figurative line in the sand, This is what we stand for.
Art Director: Mischa Retman & Neil Maclean   |   Copywriter: Tim Glebocki
Volvo Google Cardboard  / Launched at the Los Angeles Auto show, Volvo partnered with Google to promote the XC90 and Google Cardboard. The virtual drive gave viewers a first-hand experience of the acclaimed interior of the XC90. Grey worked in partnership with R/GA to develop the experience. 
Volvo Interception / The Greatest Interception Ever                                                                
Role:  Art Direction (Cannes Case Study)  /   Agency: Grey
Awards: Cannes Lions Grand Prix Winner - Direct
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